Welcome to the End of Your Messy Bedroom Frustrations

We understand being frustrated with a child’s messy bedroom.  You don’t have to shut the door and pretend you can’t smell it wafting down the hall.  We’re here to help.

Kids are more likely to express negative emotions with their mothers than any other person, because she is their safe place.  They know she will love them no matter what and that makes it twice as hard to hold in the whining and complaining.  If this is happening to you during bedroom cleaning time, rest assured they are confident with your unconditional love–and that means you’ve done something right!

When someone else steps in, a child is motivated to check their negative behavior and get to work instead.  Sometimes we even catch them having fun.

We offer 3 types of services:

  1.  A quick clean to get your child’s room ready for company in 1 hour or less.
  2. A deep clean that includes helping your child sort his possessions and donate the excess, 3 hours or less.  A shovel worthy job might require 2 appointments spread over 2 days.
  3. And a check up that includes a room inspection and a treat delivery for a job well done.

Click on our Book Appointment link to request a specialist.   If we don’t know you personally, please include a reference of a mutual friend in the comments section.

P.S.  Rest assured that our specialists are trained to keep their jobs confidential.  They will not judge you or talk about what they’ve seen with others.  After all, it’s the way we’d want to be treated too.